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Why make a Camry TRD?

The TRD brand nameplate is synonymous with performance and racing. But the TRD Camry is not your average four-door. It was the passion of the TRD fan that made Toyota take TRD to the streets with looks that perform.

"We wanted to bring that same TRD passion and driving enthusiasm to the sedan market," Cody Wilhide, Toyota Vehicle Marketing and Communications, said. "With such a shift towards sporty driving dynamics and styling coming for the redesigned 2018 model, we felt that this was the perfect timing for Camry to get the TRD treatment."

Toyota is known for having an obsession over performance.

"At TRD, we are always trying to align with the Toyota Executive direction to make better cars that are engaging to drive and bring customers joy," says Jakin Wilson, TRD Development Engineering Manager.

Why make a Camry TRD

Create the Target

Multiple teams at Toyota worked in coordination to contribute to defining the experience of a Camry TRD vehicle and its driving performance.

"Once we understand what vehicle flavor is expected, we move into the kitchen to craft the ingredients to be used," describes Jakin. "We do this by creating a performance strategy plan by understanding high-level needs for the vehicle and determining what components need to be changed to achieve key vehicle dynamic targets."

TRD Engineering and Toyota Product Planning set out a series of objectives that the vehicle would have to hit in order to earn the honor of being badged "TRD".

Cody Wilhide notes, "The planning process was a little bit of both scenarios from a parts standpoint. We started with a list of 'must-have' parts that we felt the car needed."

TRD then took on the task of iteration, testing, and tuning to get it just right.

Create the target
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Hit the Target

Toyota's overarching goal was simple. In Jakin's words: "Make the vehicle the most fun to drive Camry ever created."

"The beauty of Camry TRD is that it can perform at the track, but can also be enjoyed on day-to-day real-world roads," Jakin promises while adding, "We hope our enthusiasts enjoy a nice mountain or country road."

An important focus for TRD Engineering was making it a faster track vehicle. Suspension, wheels, tires, bracing, brakes, and aerodynamic changes were necessary to deliver quicker lap times on the track (and more joy).

Cody says they always had the goal of, "Making a car that's shockingly fun to drive every day and track capable for weekends." And that with all the changes they've made, “The Camry TRD has more grip, body control, and sharper turn-in response than any other Camry."

You can commute and tear up some asphalt, as needed.

Hit the bullseye

Knowing You've Got A Winner

Cody was out on the test track early in the process—and quickly knew they were on to something. "From the early driving evaluations and exterior styling, I think we were all pretty confident that we had a strong product."

"When we were at the track driving the vehicles for performance evaluation, we thought, 'Wow…this car is really fun to drive!'" remembers Toyota Senior Accessory Planner Wendy Couture. "Then we quickly shifted to, 'Our customers are going to love driving it!'"

The TRD team was more right than they even realized at the time. "I don't think anyone could've predicted how much excitement and demand there would be for the car when it actually went on sale," Cody recalls. "Early buyers were searching multiple dealerships and placing down payments on Camry TRDs before they even arrived on the dealer lots."

Knowing you've got a winner

Delivering On The Promise

The TRD Camry lived up to its promise! This special model includes TRD 19” alloy wheels that reduce weight and enhance steering responsiveness. Large 12.9 in diameter front rotors and red-painted dual-piston front calipers give impressive stopping power on every twist and turn.

The Camry TRD takes handling and head-turning even further. TRD tuned shocks help enhance body control, handling agility and steering precision. Thicker underbody braces increase torsional rigidity and unique coil springs not only drop the vehicle .60 inches for a lower center of gravity and enhances the aero kit for an unmistakably aggressive look.

Specially tuned, the cat-back, dual exhaust reduces back pressure and helps optimize efficiency and power. Polished stainless steel TRD exhaust tips punctuate its athletic look.

With its aerodynamic TRD tuned body kit with red pinstripes, red TRD badge and dynamic rear spoiler, it makes a bold, aggressive styling statement.

The TRD Camry interior provides the performance features you can see and feel. From the TRD embroidered headrests to the seatbelts and stitching on the steering, TRD red is used to ignite your senses and rev up your heart.

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Delivering on the promise

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